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Something for every Body

The best Ultrasonic Fat reduction

Ultrasonic fat reduction works by destroying fat cells and speeding them out of your body via the urinary system. Complete packages includes water and vibration plate session .

4 sessions $280.00 or monthly special.

Call for current unadvertised special

$280.00 gets 4 - 15 minute cavitation sessions.

Call to get the best lower price 253 691 2087

you will save more than with other deals.


Reflexology sessions and \ or Ionic foot detox bath

Reflexology is the ancient art of balancing the body by massaging reflex zones in the feet. Ionic foot detox bath can help rid the body of built up toxins, so you feel and look better. Each 35 minute (or longer) session gives you time to relax and re-balance . Enjoy health.  More than a fancey foot rub.  The documented benefits can result in whole body wellness

 Therapeutic $60.00 

Ionic foot detox bath $35.00. one time

                                  $100.00 for 4

full recommended 2 times a week of 5 weeks $220.00

ask about specials 


Not your problem any more

Cellulite affects a lot of people. It dose not make age or gender distinctions. I have developed a solution. By braking up that stubborn ugly fat, then melting it and sending it out of your body as waist. You will see results that will amaze and astound you.

Simple pain free session once a week for 8  weeks is a great way to spend your lunch break. NO down time, NO pain. Just 35 minutes once a week. [One area per session]

call for more details. 253 691 2087 


 Eating right?  Maybe?

Optimize your health and learn how to maintain a strong healthy immune system.  DNA haircell analysis gives answers fast  Get a 90 day guide and a personalized report that covers specific nutritional and environmental influences specific to only you 

Done right in the office, the entire process takes about an hour.  You get results and printed guide before you leave.  Knowledge is power.


ask about specials and high quality supplements.