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Call us today at 253-691-2087 to schedule an appointment! 4 Sessions for $280.00.


U Creations offers a low cost, non-invasive fat reduction alternative to liposuction.

Ultrasonic cavitation is safe and pain-free and utilizes ultrasound technology to destroy fat cells. The fat is flushed away, safe, fast, permanent!

Cavitation can cause you to lose up to 2 cm of fat in one session! Performed by a knowledgeable professional, certified in ultrasonic cavitation and RF, we can also provide weight loss and life coaching to continue you on your road to a healthier, slimmer lifestyle. 

Contact us today at 253-691-2087 for more information about our fat reduction procedure.

18407 Pacific Av S. #3 Spanaway WA, 98387

**A missed appointment fee of $45.00 will be applied to appointments not canceled without 12 hrs notice.

## Groupon and Living Social . All expired packages will be honored at full price less the purchased price. Vouchers are redeemed when you schedule your appointment, missed appointment fee apply.

**All sessions must be completed within two months of first appointment.

##Not suitable for people with pacemakers or cancer, and copper IUDS. Please wait until all antibiotics are finished to book appointments.

This Butt is For U! 

 Let U Creations help you find it!

Reduce cellulite in as little as one month. Twice a week for 4 weeks gets you the best in cellulite reduction. $500.00 gets you smooth beautiful looking skin top to Bottom! Results you can see in just one 40 minute session.